Virtual Live Training Day

Penta has a history of running high-quality paediatric HIV clinical training since 2005, in collaboration with a range of partners from Africa, Latin America, Europe and Central Asia. In line with our scientific strategy, and to build on the success of the existing global PentaTr@ining platform, we are also developing teaching material in other key paediatric infectious diseases of concern. Penta is now actively engaged in clinical research in neonatal sepsis, antimicrobial resistance, hepatitis and fungal infections in paediatrics, and we plan to start delivering targeted training programmes on each of these topics from 2022 onwards.

Registrations have now closed for our brand new interactive course PentaTr@ining: Fungal Infections in Paediatrics. Led by an expert international faculty, this exciting online programme kicks off on 19th September 2022 and will run until 15th December 2022.

Last modified: Tuesday, 20 September 2022, 6:55 PM