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Online E-Learning

PentaTr@ining builds on the enormous success of the previous ‘Tr@inforPedHIV’ courses, and now includes teaching programmes on a variety of paediatric infectious diseases. Our online training modules are highly interactive and focus on multidisciplinary, case-based learning.

Residential Learning

The face to face workshops embrace a true collegiate spirit – maximising teacher/student interaction, encouraging delegates to be proactive participants and consolidating the knowledge acquired during the online course.

Upcoming Courses

Penta is now actively engaged in clinical research in a variety of paediatric infectious diseases. We are currently developing other new, innovative training programmes to reflect this! 

PentaTr@ining: an interactive training platform

PentaTr@ining (formerly ‘Tr@inforPedHIV’) started for the first time in 2005, in the framework of the partnership between Penta and the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID). Ever since then, we have been providing cutting-edge training programmes for healthcare professionals around the world involved in the management of paediatric infectious diseases, with a particular focus on resource-limited settings. Our teaching cirricula continue to widen and evolve in response to the changing needs of children, young people and pregnant women living with HIV, congenital infections, as well as other infections.

Who We Are

Penta is dedicated to capacity building by bringing the experience and expertise of our network to healthcare workers, scientists and researchers around the world. PentaTr@ining is unique in its learning system, combining innovative e-learning strategies together with interactive face-to-face teaching across a variety of languages. We understand the complexities and demands facing PID healthcare professionals today, and have developed educational content within the framework of a multidisciplinary, patient-centred teaching model to support their ongoing learning needs. A key strategic aim of our training courses is to foster meaningful and verifiable change in professional practice in our delegates and their institutions over the long term. By training the next generation of professionals at the front-line of paediatric infectious diseases, Penta continues its mission to build a global network that can help health systems achieve optimal outcomes for children. As we look to the future, our ambitions are to widen our network and training portfolio more and more – and where it matters most!

PentaTr@ining 2005 - present


PentaTr@ining 2005 - present